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At Days End Delivery, we pride ourselves on being one of the industry’s most innovative, resilient, and technophile logistics companies. Not only do we address your pain points but also adapt to any of your needs at a rapid rate.

We understand that there is always room for improvement and welcome our customer’s feedback with open arms. Your company can always rely on us to deliver nothing but exceptional service by Days End or before.

Meet Our Team

Isamar Remigio, CEO

Isamar Remigio, CEO at Days End Delivery.

Isamar Remigio is a New York City native with a knack for helping others. Her logistics journey began about 7 years ago in Worcester, Massachusetts where she was offered a position as an operations coordinator in a leading logistics company. During the tenure of her career, she embodied many roles including: Regional Sourcing specialist, Regional Manager, and recruiting specialist.

Her knowledge in the industry led her to work with many clients in many different sectors. Such as, the auto parts, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. The experience she gained by working with those industries has shaped her into an expert in contract negotiations. Ms. Remigio is a natural headhunter that can spot talent from a mile away.

Isamar graduated from Nichols College in 2020 with a bachelor’s in business administration while working at Uspack Logistics on a regional level. Her perseverance and kind heart has opened many doors for her industry and many others. Before working in the logistics industry, Isamar was a recruiting specialist for a staffing agency that partnered with DHL.

Ms. Remigio’s knowledge of both recruitment and logistics gave her the drive required to be successful in the ever-growing industry of logistics. Her understanding of the logistics field, and what service customers undeniably need, led her to create Days End Delivery.

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