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Logistics Services Designed to Meet Your Business Needs

At Days End Delivery we’ve built our logistics services to meet your business needs. You may request your order in advance for a next-day pick up, on-demand, or customize your order to fit your operation. With our innovative technology, superior customer service, and flexible scheduling you can relax while we get the task completed.

We offer a broad range of services to accommodate your daily demand.

Same Day Delivery Service

Biotech using same day delivery service.

Use our same day delivery service to get your cargo from one location to the next. Our uniformed fleet of drivers is always one call away – ready to provide an exceptional service experience. At Days End we know how crucial it is for your time-sensitive goods to be on time and uncompromised. By opting for our same day delivery service, your delivery takes hours, not days. We guarantee speedy delivery, providing the instant gratification your clients will appreciate.

Having a logistics company you can depend on for your same day delivery service can

  • Heighten efficiency
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Increase company productivity

On Demand Delivery Service

Woman signing on box receiving an demand delivery.

In order for any company to stand out in any market it is crucial that they accommodate their client’s requirements and protocols beforehand. That being said, we have invested in technology that provides you with live insights of your delivery progress. This allows you to answer any questions your clients may have ALMOST instantly.

Even though their questions can be answered quickly, sometimes scheduling ahead is not a solution. Our on demand delivery allows customers to schedule within the hour to fill those last-minute orders. Whether the pick-up of goods is scheduled a few hours in advance or on the hour, our couriers can deliver your package on time, every time!

We believe it is crucial to accommodate our clients’ requirements and protocols beforehand. Therefore, we have invested in technology that provides you with live insights of your delivery progress. With this technology, you can answer your clients’ questions almost instantly.

Benefits of Scheduling On Demand Delivery:

  • Better time management
  • Delight your customers and stand apart from the competition
  • Streamline operations and find security with live tracking delivery

Routed Delivery Service

Woman online with headset tracking a routed delivery.

At Days End Delivery, we understand that increasing efficiency is at the top of your to-do list. We offer routed delivery solutions to lower both your cost and delivery time. Consequently, we have implemented the leading optimization software. Because our routed delivery technology allows us to customize our service depending on our client, we can integrate with your system or provide your team and you with one-on-one assistance. Our API allows you to build, update, and track drivers in real time. What is more, you even have 24/7 access to shipping labels and delivery reports. This makes it much easier to extract the information you may need within the blink of an eye.

Let us optimize your routes and minimize your costs with routed delivery. When you help your clients decide to optimize their routes they:

  • Decrease delivery time
  • Reduce driver backtracking
  • Meet client’s ETAs
  • Boost customer experience
  • Shrink carbon footprint

If you already have your routes optimized but are not happy with your current service, we will give you your time back. Allow us to handle the operations side of things while you handle the rest.

Last Mile Delivery Service

Smart tracking in last mile delivery van.

It is no secret in the logistics industry that the problem with last mile solutions is inefficiency. With our last mile delivery option, we offer you:

  • Auto dispatching
  • Smart tracking
  • Mobile and external integrations
  • Data analytics and much more

Our auto dispatching options connect you to the most suited courier for the appropriate task. Aiming to decrease last mile delivery costs and service time. Moreover, our smart tracking option allows you to see where both the driver and your order are, always. This level of transparency helps you build trust with your customers while at the same time, making sure the job gets done. Further, our dispatching agents are always one call away should you have additional questions.

With our mobile and external integrations, you can access your last mile delivery information while on the go from your laptop or mobile phone. It is perfect for our on-the-go customer as they benefit from this feature most. The bird’s eye view you obtain with automatic data management and analytics is just a plus.

Such data allows customers to identify:

  • The performance of the courier assigned to the route
  • Ratios of successful and failed deliveries
  • Status of your delivery

The data you can acquire with us can be used to drive delivery success and take your business to new levels.

Find out how Days End Delivery can increase delivery success rate today!

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